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Day 1

10 Female Bodybuilding Myths That Keep You From Building Muscle

This course busts the top 10 women's bodybuilding myths, and separates fact from fiction. When you are empowered with the truth, you will be able to make muscle gains


Day 2

Beginner Tips for Bodybuilding to Ensure Success

This course discusses tips beginners can use to break through the cobwebs and start making progress in just weeks. When you apply the facts, your body will respond with new muscle growth.


Day 3

Beginner's Training Pitfalls to Avoid

It is common for beginners, and many advanced bodybuilders, to fall into training pitfalls, and these pitfalls keep you from building muscle and burning fat. With this course, you won't be left in the dark again.


Day 4

Making a Committed Decision to Build Muscle

While many people are in the gym slinging the iron, most don't have a clue to how to make their program work on the mental level, which is where true bodybuilding starts. This course will show you how to use your mind to make your program work!


Day 5

Protein Myths That Keep You Confused

This course will break though the protein lies, myths, misconceptions, and just plain ignorance about protein. Once and for all, you'll get the facts on how much protein you actually need to meet your muscle building goals.


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