Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge

Meltdown Challenge

The Ultimate Showdown

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Current Meltdown Challenge - Winter: January 7 - March 31 2008

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Take part in our 2008 Winter Meltdown Challenge. Everyone gets in shape and the winner gets cash and prizes! First place winner receives 75% of the cash pot and the second place winner receives 25%, as well as other items from and The Elite

The 2008 Meltdown Challenge is a twelve-week transformation challenge inspiring you to lose fat, gain muscle, or both. This contest allows you to test your competitive and healthy habit skills with a chance for improvement. It's a great motivational tool with limitless benefits:

* Increase Energy
* Improve Self-Esteem
* Increase Metabolism
* Increase Lean Body Mass
* Improve Health
* Lower Body Fat Percentage
* Advance in Sports
* Plus much, MUCH more...


Prize Package Includes:

* 75% of Cash Pot
* The Elite Physique T-Shirt
* All 6 of my e-books
* Winner of Meltdown Certificate
* 3 FREE e-consultations
* Hat
* Higher Power M1T2
* Higher Power 100% Whey
* T-Shirt
* Trophy

Second and third place certificates will also be awarded with some extra items and the top 5 will receive t-shirts.

The winner will be based on who makes the best overall transformation, including fat loss and muscle gain. (judging will be based on stats, pictures, and written goals).

How To Get Started

January 1 - March 31 2008

To enter you must be in good health. It is recommended that you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or nutrition program. If you are not familiar with weight training, consult a certified trainer in your area for guidance on proper form.

To participate, you cannot be currently prepared for another contest or challenge. You must prove your start date by taking a photo with a current dated newspaper. You can, however, compete in this Challenge and any other challenge simultaneously.

Rules and Regulations:
Transformation includes fat loss and muscle gain balance. Please pay the Entry Fee, fill out the Entry Form, and submit pictures before January 7, 2008.

To be eligible to participate and win, you must submit:

  • Before and after and stats (weight and body fat percentage)
  • Before and after pictures
  • Entry Form filled out completely

Before and After Pictures:

  • You must submit "before" and "after" pictures holding a current newspaper at the beginning of week 1 and at the end of week 4, 8, and 12.

  • Pictures should include front, side, and rear views. Please keep all poses the same. It is best to take them in a relaxed manner, with hands hanging loosely at your sides. After you take your standard pictures to submit, feel free to take some in different poses.

  • Pictures will not be made public without permission.

  • You can start the Challenge anytime from now until January 1, 2007. However, you MUST take the pictures and stats the day you start.


Question: Can I start now, before January 7, 2008?
Yes, as long as you take stats and pictures the DAY YOU START, and you must end it in 12 weeks.

Question: Is having Personal Online Training with you while doing the Meltdown Challenge considered cheating?
No it's not cheating. You may use online personal training's for the Meltdown Challenge. Nearly all the top level bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors have a trainer or a trained eye watching them.

Question: Is is required that I purchase Personal Online Training or your e-books in order to participate?
No. You do not have to purchase anything from me. The Meltdown Challenge is for you, to motivate you with a deadline to help you get the body and level of fitness you desire.

Question: What kind of program do I follow to prepare for this Challenge?
You may follow any program you like, whether it be the BFL, MsFit's, or any other you come across. This challenge is about you getting into shape, so choose the program that works for you.

Question: How is the Meltdown Challenge judged?
This Challenge is judged using an odd number panel of judges in the event of a tie. Each contestant is judged on their "before" and "after" photos, stat improvement, and their goals. It's very important that you be detailed in your goals, as they are 1/3 of the judging criteria.

Please note that the rules and regulations are listed above. You do not have to invest in any of my e-books or supplements in order to participate.

Enter Now

  • To enter the contest, simply click the "Pay Entry Fee" button to send in $20.00 (American Dollars) entry fee and I will toss it in the pot.

  • Click the "Entry Form" button and officially enter the Challenge. Be specific with your goals because they do count in the judging decision.

  • Click the "Submit Pictures" button and send in your before pictures. Please be consistent with your monthly pictures. It is best if you submit relaxed photos first, then you may send in any posing or flexed photos.

  • I will send advanced preparation information upon request for those who send in their quarterly pictures

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you are participating in the 2008 Meltdown Challenge

Please understand that this is not a scam. The Challenge is for you and the prizes are real. However to meet the demanding costs of hosting and to continue providing you a free female fitness forum, I also market my e-books and services indirectly. This does not mean you are obligated to buy.

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Transformation Challenge