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Female Bodybuilder Profiles

Female bodybuilder biographies and profiles is a place where you can read about various female bodybuilders, powerlifters, figure and fitness ladies and overall athletic women. Find out in these female bodybuilder biographies how they became active in the sport, their training splits, lifts, etc.

Kristy Hawkins

Andrulla Blanchette

Christiane Lamy Debbie Leung
Nikki Warner Karen Patten
Tonia Williams Maggie Kenworthy
Karen Sessions Valerie Varnauskas
Sharon Mann Christine Hardy
Titiana Diane Matt
Laura Dromgold Brandi Burns
Michele S. Vicki OBrien

This page is still in building mode, so keep your eye out for more bodybuilder, figure, and fitness biographies in the coming weeks!

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Female Bodybuilder Profiles